Shred The Ledge has been dubbed the ‘toughest competition in RC’ and we agree. A lot of products have fallen to the clutches of Shred The Ledge while others have become standard must have equipment because those products have lasted through the STL battle.

We have 2016’s Shred The Ledge list of proven products right here for you. These products went under the very first STL PROOF testing, and came through the other side standing tall. Not all products we tested made the cut last year, so we look forward to testing the new and updated versions.

Rest assured these products are the real deal, and are getting your dollar’s worth.

2016 STL PROOF Products –

Switchback Chassis
Link Risers Tab’s
Shock Key’s
Shock Gear Towers

Scalerfab –
Pro Series Stinger

Boom Racing –
Phat Axle
Type I Shocks 

J.E.C. Racing –
Stainless Steel Lower links

Jersey Worx RC –
Slider Straps

Woodchuck RC –
4 Wood

Redwood Built –
Land anchor
Snatch Block

Green Mountain RC –
Drag Queen Chassis

TJ RC Products –
SXC10 Steel Axle Tubes Narrow XR Mod
AR60 Steel Axle Tubes