Shred The Ledge

Shred The Ledge is the toughest and most hardcore RC competitions in the USA. We pride ourselves at bringing not only RC’s and RC products to the next level, you the wheeler as well. We take our brand of ‘hardcore wheeling’, add some cross-fit, a dash of hiking, with a little dear God why did I sign up for this to bring you the most extreme RC’ing ever thought of. The terrain attacks your RC, the course will challenge your body, and the duration will have you experincing high’s and low’s while the STL wall will hit you hard, the sweet taste of finishing will be the biggest reward you will ever feel.

STL Dates:
Green Mountain Beatdown 
June 10th-11th Montgomery, VT
4153 S. Main St.
Montgomery, VT 05471

Ledgestock – STL Main Event
September 20th-24th STL on the 22nd
Field& Forest Rec Park
890 RT-137
Harrisville, NH 

One more TBA

These rules apply to all STL’s only.
Rules: Old School 1.55
Rules: Hardcore 1.9
Rules: Training Wheels 2.2
Rules: Mega-6