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This is our 1st RCEC TV Show! The link is here for you to check out on Facebook!

RCEC TV Episode 1


This is our 1st poscast of our Live RCTV Show we do once a week on Facebook.l, audio quality is not the greatest this round, it will he way better next week.

RCEC TV Episode 1

Thank you from RCEC.

2018 begins with this reflection, and perspective.

5 years ago Woodchuck aka Robert Kuck III and I created an event that is known as Shred The Ledge, and a group called RCEC. We went from 4 dudes at the 1st event we ever did called Concrete Crawl to our latest creation called Ledgestock last year. We have created an RC community based on family, positivity, fellowship, brotherhood, and more.

Our family has grown in such a way that Rob and I feel proud of what we’ve created, and as our family pushes out into other rc communities promoting that same mentality Rob and I started, makes both of us catch feelings. With the addition of Tim Landers to the RCEC Staff we are excited to see what 2018 brings with him now standing with us at the comps.

We have gone all over the US spreading the RCEC Mentality, and it has caught on with many other people. We’ve wheeled with some amazing people, and have even become close friends with them. With All the short comings of social media, it was instrumental in our growth, and meeting some AMAZING people. Social Media is how Rob and I met, and it’s never been right ever since. Haha

We want to say thank you to the RCEC family, the supporters, the sponsors, and everyone else who has played a part of what we have become. The haters keep fueling our fight, while the creators keep giving us life. We have top tier style competitions with the BEST drivers in the world competing in them.

2018, in our 5th year, we will continue to push for more community growth, more purposed fun driven events, traveling, and supporting more of the entire rc community!

Thanks to you all, and have an awesome 2018, see you on the trails!!

#thebestisyettocome #hopeyourereadyfortheride #radiocontrolledeastcoast

Wake up 2018!!

Wake up! Happy New Year YOTD

As the crisp air comes calling, you breathe a hot breath and open your eyes. You lift your head up off the ground and survey the land laid out before you. You brush off that – what was – thought, as you can not change the past. You see the morning sun crest the mountains as you lift your wings and stand into a well earned stretch. The trees around you shake as you flap your wings half heartedly, as if to shake the dust off.

Today is your day, don’t let circumstance be your story. It is a new year, it’s a new day, a new hour, a new minute, take what time you can, and own it! We are all afforded the same day, what we do in that day varies on effort, on desire, with PURPOSE!

As you walk the ground shakes, the trees tremble as you pass by, and the world becomes yours. You can and will take today and OWN IT, why? Because you are DRIVEN WITH A PURPOSE!!! LIVE in that FORCE!!

As you lift your eye towards the sky to launch into your day, you dig your toes into the ground, you pull your wings back, and smirk with knowing full well you control your destiny… Your legs bend, your spine stiffens and as you push off the ground, you scream a war cry that echoes on your soul and in the forest around you… OWN IT!!!

#yearofthedragon #radiocontrolledeastcoast #yotd #yotd2018 #motivateyoursoul