48 Hour Challenge

This is our longest event, and has become a staple in what we do here at RCEC. The 48 Hour Challenge started out as a good cause/World record. We drove 4 RC’s for 48 hours straight to raise awareness for cancer. We also raised money for a friend in need while doing the event, and we haven’t changed a thing since then. 

Going into every year with the intention to give back, we do the 48 Hour Challenge in honor of someone in need. We do the 48 Hours with a team, as anyone who is battling an illness benefits from having a team around them. We battle 48 Hours straight to represent the struggles people face evrey day. We know that this is in no way a comparision to what people are actually going through, but we want to give the experince of struggle to everyone coming to try their hand at 48 Hours.

The first year we only ran four people. The following year we had open invitations for anyone to come and take part in the 48 hours. we offered various hours for them to achieve, set goals, and reach them. We had a very succsessful event, and look forward to the next 48 Hour Challenge. We will continue to have open invitations and allow people to come and support the cause, and to see if they have what it takes to beat 48 hours.

Follow along on Facebook – @C4AC48 for all the details. It always takes place on Memorial Day Weekend.