It’s all in your head…

What this world wants is for you to fail…

We are so fearful of what “might” happen, that we block out something so innocent, but the world has made it a fearful, damning, awful type things. We focus, we have a narrow focus rather on the miniscule things that have us losing focus on the whole, the gigantic, wonderful life.

Shaking off the mind-control which is happening. You feel a rage building inside of you, your eyes darken, your mouth opens and a thunderous roar escapes your throat while fire spits from your stomach. You are awake, you thrash your head around as you start to flap your wings. You can see clearly, as the clouds start to fall, you see no enemy, but you feel its presence as you walk out of the fire. Your scales glisten emerald green in the fire’s light. You breathe in deep, and you roar again, so loudly you break the treetops in front of you and the echo can be heard for miles.

That’s what happens when you snap awake and see that this lie the world has been feeding you, becomes rotten to the senses. You can see clearer, these “dangerous” might-be’s are now just laughable, you feel fuller, your heart becomes softer as your mind becomes sharper. There is NO better feeling when you realize YOU control your destiny, your path, your goals… Not this world, this world wants failure, wants stress, wants separation, and desperation… count on nothing, take everything, believe in yourself!

You throw your tail around and stomp your feet in a defiant victory! You’ve defeated an unseen enemy, you roar in triumph, and as if to call the enemy to stand before you, but in typical coward fashion, they never show. You slowly scan the area around you as the fire’s rage behind you. You look back at what was holding you down, kept you blind, as it burns to ashes, and you are the only phoenix to rise from it. You unfold your wings, you motion them to launch from this oblivion, the stars are bright in the black sky, you launch, and the heat from what was fades away, as the coolness of your future flies around your face. You smile, knowing that you are in control, you are in fact ready to battle this world, and you are stronger than this world, now build upon it, and OWN YOUR LIFE!!

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