Rules –
Rules Subject to change without notice – Stay updated.
Shaft Driven Axles only. NO MOA’s No IFS in this class.

Any Tire
No cut, shut, comp, home made tires allowed. Some tread trimming is ok
1.9 Tires on 1.9 Wheels only.

Any Body
Any Chassis – custom or aftermarket
Any Motor
Any Battery – Nothing over 3S, after that it’s not scale anymore.

Mandatory –
Tow Strap
Lights on RC’s if doing the night stages
Head Lamp if you’re doing the night stages
Water Proofing – 100% in your best interest

Be Prepared –
Wear proper foot wear, and make sure you have water to drink. You will be hiking, climbing rocks, muddy ravines, and being in an outdoor environment, you need to be ready for any other hazards.